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    Our school is a key school that is open to international visitors in Zhejiang and a Chinese education base of the Overseas Chinese Office of the State Department. Over 46000 visitors from 58 countries have visited our school since 1974, and we have exchanged ideas, teachers and students with many schools in USA, GB, Germany, France, Japan, Canada and Australia etc. In the recent two years more than 500 students and teachers visited USA, GB, Germany, France, Japan and Australia in 40 groups. The school chooses some students to study in Australia, Japan and Singapore each year, and it has contributed a lot to international cultural exchanges.
    Guests from Georgia of USA
    The former prime minister of New Zealand Jenny Shply is visiting our school
    Friends from Canada
    A foreign teacher is accepting a bouquet on the day of Teachers Festival.
    A high school teacher from Germany is learning to play Yangqin
    Turramurra High School Music Group of Australia is performing in our school
    The students from Prince Henry High School of GB is attending the sports meet of our school
    The presidents of Hangzhou Xuejun High School and Lexington High School of USA are signing a friendship agreement
    The representatives of the Royal Thailand Education Bureau are visiting our school

    Address:188 Wensan Road, Hangzhou 310012