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      The school is equipped with multimedia computer systems and a semi-closed TV broadcasting system. The equipments of the school are the most advanced in similar schools in China. The school has an Internet management center, so the students may surf the net in their classrooms. 240 computers in 4 multimedia network classrooms and 91 computers in the electronic reading room are connected to the Internet and available for the students for free. Each classroom is equipped with the most advanced big-screen projector, 34-inch 9-channel satellite receiving and displaying system, color screen for audio-visual programs. Each teacher has an IBM laptop computer. IC cards are used to manage all the students and teachers. All the modern facilities make Hangzhou Xuejun High School one of the best-equipped schools in China
    Star building
    Administration building
      The school has 5 physical labs, 4 chemical labs, 2 biological labs, 1 display lab and pottery room and 1 classroom for shooting and editing TV programs. 1.2 million yuan was invested in 2002to build a car driving simulation system, the first such system in high schools of China, to let the high school students realize their desire to be capable of speaking English, using a computer and driving a car.The school invested over 6 million yuan to build the most advanced plastic raceways, an all-weather soccer playground with artificial lawns imported from USA, plastic courts for basketball and volleyball. It invested over 10 million yuan to build a gym of 5600 square meters for sports and arts. This largest and most advanced school gym in Zhejiang has a table tennis room, a pottery bar, an exercising room, a classical Chinese music rehearsing room, a eurhythmic hall, a basketball court and a volleyball court. There are two multimedia music classrooms with very advanced facilities. Many education specialists are surprised to see so many advanced facilities.
    IT classroom
    Pottery art classroom
    Automobile driving simulationclassroom
      Our school has a library that has the largest area and the most advanced facilities in the province. The library has 130000 Chinese and foreign books, 30000 electronic books. The Internet reading room, audio-visual reading room, reference book reading room, newspaper and journal reading room and copy center can provide fast and convenient services for the students and help the students build physical bases of human culture.

    Address:188 Wensan Road, Hangzhou 310012
    Telephone:086-571-88087232   Email:mals@hzxjhs.com