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    A Brief Introduction of Hangzhou Xuejun High School

    Hangzhou Xuejun High School (HZXJHS), formerly founded as a subsidiary school of Hangzhou University in 1956, was approved by the Provincial government as one of the first established key high schools of Zhejiang Province in 1978. With the ratification as a pioneering and first-class key school of Zhejiang by the Provincial Education Committee in 1995, the school was confirmed successively by the Ministry of Education as a national experimental school with modern educational practice, a feature school with national defense education and a national school with excellent Chinese cultural and artistic inheritance.

    HZXJHS is among Zhejiang Province¡¯s first group of first-tier model feature schools. It has won various honors such as ¡°Hangzhou Brands in My Heart¡±, a national creative composition competition cooperation base school, one of the Zhejiang schools with outstanding achievements in physical education and art education, a branch of the Hangzhou Juvenile Academy of Sciences and ¡°A School the Hangzhou People Are Happy with¡±. In addition, HZXJHS is a Chinese educational base appointed by the Overseas Affairs Office of the China¡¯s State Council, one of China-U.S. 1000 Schools Hands Together Program Model Schools appointed by the Ministry of Education, Hangzhou education international model school. HZXJHS also has a global outlook and welcomes international visitors both to the city of Hangzhou and Zhejiang Province. Over the years, it has been hosting friendly exchange programs with elite schools in the U.K., the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Greece and other countries.

    HZXJHS is always centering on enhancing morality and fostering talent, and is always innovating through inheritance and developing through reform with the school motto (Motivated, Knowledgeable and Enterprising) and the school spirit (Harmony, realism, innovation). In recent years, HZXJHS has come up with the core theory on school management--- holistic education and global education. With this educational philosophy, HZXJHS has carried out the school-managing strategy to promote the elite education with matter-of-fact attitudes and innovation ability, and cultivated future leaders with good virtue, good knowledge and talent, trying to make a science high school with Xuejun characteristics.

    In HZXJHS, there is a large number of scholarly teachers, including 3 senior professors, 10 special-grade teachers, 138 advanced teachers, and about 100 teachers with the national, provincial and municipal key teachers titles. It owns the most complete and mature team of competition coaches in Zhejiang Province, represented by Xu Xianyou, a famous gold medal coach of Informatics Olympiad, and Bian Hongping, a famous gold medal coach of Mathematical Olympiad. In recent years, HZXJHS has enrolled more than 30 outstanding graduates from many world-famous universities such as Harvard University, Peking University and Tsinghua University, setting up an excellent teacher training platform through achieving the plans of starting a dream, building a dream, pursuing a dream and realizing a dream.

    Taking the lead in national college entrance examination, HZXJHS is known as the cradle of top university students. Every year, more than 30 students from Xixi campus are admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University. More than 60% of the students reach the admission score of Zhejiang University, with over 160 of them admitted to Zhejiang University. While 99.1% students reach the admission score of the first-class universities in China, there are also students accepted into world top universities such as Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University and University of Oxford. In terms of academic competitions, HZXJHS has gained remarkable achievements both in Zhejiang Province and nationwide. Many students have won prizes in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics and other technological innovation competitions. Li Chao, Xu Yinzhan and Jin Ce won gold medals in the 24th, 26th, and 28th International Olympiad in Informatics, and Jin Ce also won the 8th World Sudoku Championship. In 2018 alone, there are 82 students who have been awarded the first prize in academic competitions, including 25 students selected into the provincial teams and eight students into national teams. In recent years, HZXJHS has been entitled ¡°Principal Real-name Recommendation School of Peking University¡±, ¡°Top Students Enrollment School of Tsinghua University¡± and ¡°Outstanding Innovative Talent Cultivating School of Zhejiang University¡±.

    HZXJHS offers more than 70 student clubs and over 200 elective courses to meet students¡¯ diverse needs. Popular student clubs include Fanxing Literature Society, Traditional Chinese Orchestra, Chorus Club, Soccer Team, Model UN, Model CPPCC, FBL Business Society, Pottery Club, Broadcasting Club, Psychology Society, Photography Society, Cosplay Club and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Club. The school¡¯s aerobics team has won the first prize in national cheerleading contest. The traditional Chinese orchestra often performs at Xuejun¡¯s sister schools in France, Germany, the U.S., the U.K. and other countries. Students of the UAV Club took part in the Real World Design Challenge and won the third place in world finals. The school also has a chairing role in the Zhejiang High School Soccer Association, with its soccer team winning six consecutive championships in high school soccer matches in Zhejiang Province.

    At present, HZXJHS consists of four campuses---Xixi Campus, Zijingang Campus, Haichuangyuan School and Wenyuan Middle School.


    ¡¡Ms.Chen Ping is the principal of Hangzhou Xuejun High School, the board chairman of Hangzhou Xuejun High School Education Group.

    Address:188 Wensan Road, Hangzhou 310012
    Telephone:086-571-88087232 ¡¡ Email:mals@hzxjhs.com